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Collaborative partners

Together we are strong

Pantropica is collaborating with various charities, foundations, and associations for the purpose of supporting vulnerable plants, animals, and people. These long-term partnerships enable Pantropica to focus its efforts and sponsoring and to really make a difference.

The Dutch Orchid Association

The Dutch Orchid Association (Nederlandse Orchideeën Vereniging, NOV) has been dedicating itself full of passion and enthusiasm to orchids for more than 85 years. If it weren’t for this organisation unique species would’ve faded into oblivion and that would have been an irredeemable loss. The partnership between NOV and Pantropica has made it possible to draw attention to (exceptional) orchids during various activities. One of those activities is ‘Orchidee’, a monthly periodical full of fascinating articles about the most diverse species of orchids.

Spanga Stork Station

It’s not just orchids that made the hearts of Pantropica’s founders beat faster. In 1981, shocking news caught their attention! Storks risked disappearing from the Dutch landscape. Thomas and Anne Maarssen took action. In 1984, they opened the ‘Spanga Stork Station’ on a 50,000 m2 property. While the situation of the storks has improved, the outstations remain important. Pantropica’s support ensures that the storks can continue to use the nesting poles at the Spanga Stork Station. As a result, more than 100 young depart for Africa annually.

The AAP Foundation

Unfortunately, there are many primates and other exotic animals that are still living in terrible conditions. The AAP (Animal Advocacy and Protection) Foundation devotes itself to a better future for these animals. They do this by stopping the illegal trade, improving the provision of information, and rescuing/sheltering exotic animals kept as pets. The partnership with the AAP Foundation makes it possible for a number of rescued animals to live in Pantropica in a spacious setting that is closer to their natural habitat.

Stichting Ambulance Wens

Since 2007, Stichting Ambulance Wens realises the last wishes of immobile and terminal patients on a daily basis. One last visit to the family, with the household to the beach or one more time to a special location. Stichting Ambulance Wens fulfils the last wishes of terminally ill people free of charge by means of specially developed ambulances and 270 medically trained volunteers. Pantropica holds this exceptional foundation dear and assists in meeting these wishes where possible.