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Our continents

In one day, travel through ten continents and discover the most beautiful highlights of the tropics!

Our animals

Are you curious about which animals you can encounter on your voyage through the tropical park? We invite you to take already a look!

Food & drinks

Start your visit with a cup of coffee and something sweet at Pantropica Bar & Restaurant, choose a snack at the Citrus Bar ‘Pura Vida’ or still the hearty appetite at Bistro ‘The Sakura’.


Imagine yourself in a cozy vacation village in the bush. In the streets of our cozy Panmarket you will find plenty of inspiration and shop the cutest gadgets for yourself or a loved one!


You’ll be able to prepare your visit to Pantropica properly with our tropical map. Identify in advance the highlights you don’t want to miss!

For children

Looking for a fun day trip with children? Having a party in the jungle will ensure an unforgeable experience!