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Do you want to let your children play in an indoor playground, while enjoying an outing yourself? In that case, we can really recommend Pantropica with its 1,000-m2 indoor playground. This fully covered park in Flevoland (near Giethoorn) is an all-in-one playground and zoo, and offers the most fun jungle adventures for the entire family.

**Crowned by the Royal Dutch Touring Club (Algemene Nederlandse Wielrijdersbond, ANWB) as the ‘Most fun outing in Flevoland’ for 13 years in a row.**

9 (playtime) adventures in this indoor playground that you can’t miss

Pantropica’s indoor playground allows your children to play comfortably shielded by a roof, while you as parent or grandparent get to enjoy a great day thanks to the fun things to do, see, and experience in the adjacent jungle park:

1. Indoor play in PanAvontura

Pumping water out of the ground, climbing through the treetops, and swinging across a babbling brook on a liana… Children can go wild and act like real adventurers on a voyage of survival in the indoor playground of Pantropica.

2. Expedition in the jungle park

Are the children tired of the indoor playground? In that case, it is time to go on an expedition in the jungle park! This more than 25,000 m² large indoor part is riddled with secret passages and exciting jungle trails that will lead you to the most fun adventures.

3. Feed the lories, aquatic monsters, and ducks

In the indoor jungle park, you’ll come face-to-face with a variety of animals and the most fun part is that you are even allowed to feed a number of them! Hence, make your outing with young children extra fun. Who in your family is a real ranger and dares to feed the lories, aquatic monsters, and ducks?

4. Adventure on wilderness trails

Are you up for some extra adventure? In that case, leave the main route and follow a wilderness trail. Cross the large river, follow the thrilling cave, and enjoy the beautiful view of the ramshackle bridge.

5. Spotting flamingos

Have you ever met a real flamingo? The Flamingo Lagoon is adjacent to the indoor playground. It is home to a sizeable flock of American Flamingos, which you can admire up close. This will yield you spectacular photos!

6. Having lunch in the fairytale-like Hanami Flowerpark

Is your adventurous stomach beginning to rumble? Take a break in the fairytale-like Hanami Flower Park and order something delicious from the ‘Sakura’ bistro! Here, you can also buy various options for the children such as (soft) ice-cream, snacks, and kid’s boxes.

7. Follow the small primates

Did you spot a small primate? In that case, you are not dreaming. Amazonia is home to a variety of small primates roaming freely through the park.

8. Play and discover in Vlinderica

Did you know that Pantropica is home to Europe’s largest butterfly garden? In this butterfly garden, your children can wander around among 2,000 tropical butterflies while discovering everything about their exceptional life cycle. In addition to spotting thousands of fluttering butterflies, you will also be fascinated by the chrysalis cases.

9. Shop at the PanMarket

Of course, you can conclude your day in the jungle at the Pan Market, where you can buy the most delightful decorative items, trendy plants, toys, and souvenirs!

Useful information about this indoor playground

  1. Parking at Pantropica is free of charge.
  2. The main route through the jungle park is wheelchair-accessible, so easy to travel with prams as well as wheelchairs.
  3. Baby bottles can be heated up free of charge in the two restaurants, which also offer children’s seats.
  4. Changing tables can be found in the toilets.
  5. Put your boots on and bring a spare set of clothes for worry-free fun in the indoor playground.

Indoor playground tickets

Are you ready for a day of play, adventure, and fun? If so, reserve your visit to Pantropica easily online. A single ticket offers access to the entire park, including the indoor playground. We recommend you make your reservations timely, because full is full!

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