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Stroll through the versatile shop of Pantropica and bring home a little bit of the tropics. The shop’s more than 2,500 square metres offer a wide range of colourful orchids, exuberant houseplants, supplies for plant and orchid care, various souvenirs, and modern lifestyle items.

*The shop of Pantropica is open and accessible free of charge every day of the week.


Pantropica has been dealing in orchids and orchid care for more than sixty years already. As a result, Pantropica is the place to be for buying orchids and asking questions about their care. Hundreds of different sizes, colours, and species of orchids are for sale in the shop: from the beloved phalaenopsis to rare species such as the cattleya, Zygopetalum, and the Venus slipper. Pantropica also sells cut orchids and orchids in splendid self-made flower arrangements, in addition to orchid plants.

Available at the Panmarket

Artificial flowers

Cactus and succulents

Dried flowers

Exuberant houseplants


Funeral arrangements


Green houseplants

Home accessories

Orchid care products



Stuffed toy



Tropical houseplants


Wedding bouquets

PTMD collection


Are you looking to add a real eye-catcher to your living room? Tropical houseplants are the most suitable candidates. An exuberant banana tree, a cheerful Strelitzia or a fierce fruit salad plant gives a tropical touch to your interior. These plants are part of the broad (tropical) range of houseplants offered by Pantropica. Small plants, such as the sleepy plant, the pitcher plant, the cactus, and the Venus flytrap are also sold at the shop. Buy one of the many pots available as a nice finish for your tropical acquisition.


Every day of the week, you can observe our creative floral stylists making the most beautiful bouquets and creations in the open floristry. A large variety of fresh flower arrangements can be found around the floristry. Would you like to create your own bouquet, fill a beautiful basket with a floral arrangement, or looking for suitable wedding or funeral arrangements? Our creative team will gladly assist you and make a unique creation according to your preferences.

*Orchids grown in-house are used as much as possible in the creation of the floral arrangements with orchids.

Questions about care

Do you have specific questions about your plant, houseplant or orchid? Send a photograph of your plant to In response, our expert staff will provide you with tips and advice free of charge. Also take a look at our online care tips for orchids.