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Wheelchair-accessible paths

The main route through Pantropica is entirely wheelchair-accessible and suitable for people who are less mobile or who use a wheelchair, a scooter or another mobility aid. 90% of the route consists of concrete paths at least 95 cm wide. However, please take into account that a few trails have been enriched with adventurous aspects:

  • The path in Amazonia gradually slopes upward towards the large bridge.
  • In Tropica, the route consists of clinkers.
  • The bird-free route at the Lori Bush is made of duckboards.
  • To reach the Lori Bush, you must pass a lock with swinging doors 100 cm wide. The lock can only accommodate one wheelchair at the time.
  • ’t Stekkasje can only be accessed via a door 80 cm wide.
  • Vlinderica is hilly terrain. The left side of this area is accessible to wheelchair users via a slope. You can avoid this section of the route if the slope is too steep for your wheelchair.

Wheelchair reservations

Is your mobility reduced? Pantropica offers a limited number of wheelchairs available free of charge. Reserve a wheelchair prior to your visit via +31 (0) 527 – 20 28 75 or info@pantropica.nl. Attendants can pick up reserved wheelchairs at the cloakroom in the central hall.

Scooters and balance bicycles

Pantropica is accessible to scooters or balance bicycles. However, they must drive at a crawl.

Rest stops along itinerary

In the park, there are little benches every 40 metres.

Assistance and guide dogs

Your trusted companion is obviously very welcome in our park. You do not have to report assistance dogs prior to your visit. However, walk your dog adequately beforehand in the car park and keep it on a leash in the park at all times.

Accessible toilets

Pantropica has 4 toilets accessible to persons with disabilities; two in the central hall and two in the Hanami Flowerpark. The door of the toilet In the Hanami Flowerpark is 102 cm wide. The doors of the toilets in the central hall are 90 cm wide. All accessible toilets are equipped with bidet and dryer features. In addition, one of the toilets in our central hall also has a transfer aid.

Parking spaces for people with disabilities

In front of Pantropica’s entrance, there are 10 parking spaces for people with disabilities. The distance from these accessible parking spaces to the cash register is 65 metres. Parking at Pantropica is free of charge.

Public transport

Pantropica can be reached by bus only on weekdays. The distance from the Pantropica bus stop to the park’s entrance is 313 metres.

Low-stimulus visit

A visit to Pantropica is not free of stimuli. During your visit to the park, you can expect:

  • Natural sounds of animals, waterfalls, and other visitors, as well as gentle tropical background music, among other stimuli.
  • Unanticipated encounters with the animals. The animals in Pantropica roam freely through the various worlds and can appear unexpectedly. Keep an appropriate distance and do not disturb the animals. 
  • During your visit to the Lori Bush, the lories will come and sit on your head, arm or shoulder. If you prefer not to experience this, your alternative is the bird-free route at the Lori Bush.
  • On normal days, Pantropica does not use light effects. However, when it’s overcast, yellow daylight lamps will be turned on in the Hanami Flowerpark.
  • Pantropica is fully covered, but temperatures might fluctuate between areas. Vlinderica is the warmest habitat. In the Flamingo Lagoon, you will be walking outside through a corridor.
  • During holiday periods, Pantropica offers additional activities. These special events pertaining to music, entertainment, and theatre shows are listed on the calendar. We recommend consulting this calendar before your visit.

A (more) peaceful visit

Should you require a visit that is as peaceful as possible during our regular opening hours, we recommend you schedule your visit outside weekends and holiday periods. It is often the most peaceful at the beginning and the end of the day.

Any other questions?

Is your question about a provision not listed or would you like to know something else? Our staff members at the reception desk will gladly assist you.