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Privacy Statement

We will ask you for personal information when you make a (group) reservation, order e-tickets or complete the contact form at Pantropica. Information provided by you to Pantropica will always be treated confidentially and will never be provided to third parties, unless this has clearly been specified and you have authorised us to do so. In this privacy statement, we gladly explain which information we collect and what we do with that information.

When you buy e-tickets on www.pantropica.nl, we will use the information entered by you solely for the purpose of processing the order and for communication related to your visit.

Complaint, contact form, and e-mail
Your messages to us via e-mail or contact form might be stored on the secure server of Pantropica. Your message can give rise to additional requests from us to you to provide (additional) contact information, so that we can process the question, comment, or complaint. This personal information will only be used to process your questions and respond to your requests.

We will ask for your address information, e-mail address, and telephone number when you make a (group) reservation. This information will exclusively be used to process the reservation in our system and for the communication related to the group visit.

Pantropica uses cookies to ensure that our website functions properly. This is a very small and simple file that is stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. This cookie makes it possible for us to see how our website is being used, the means with which our website is being accessed (mobile or computer), and which pages are being visited, among other aspects. We then use this information for analysis and to improve our website. Change your browser settings if you do not want to accept the website’s cookies on your computer. However, this might cause our website as well as others not to function properly.

Pantropicareserves the right to alter its privacy statement at any time. All changes will be announced on this page.